Is he ACTING like he doesn't care or does he genuinely not care?

OK so there's this guy we hooked up over the summer, I developed feelings and he did not...Until I went to college. Then he was really sweet all of a sudden and he texted me a lot and was always there for me. THEN I think he thought I moved on because I was talking to him about other guys and so he stopped initiating texts but would always talk when I initiated and seemed interested in talking. He told me a while back that we should hang out when I came home. So a week before I came home I texted him to let him know I was coming home. He seemed excited and was like "we gotta hang out" so I texted him when I was on the way home and suggested we hang out Friday night and he was like well possibly but I have something going on Saturday morning that I have to be up early for...So I suggested we could just hang out at his place and I could leave early. Then he suggested we just hang out Saturday night instead. So I made plans to hang out with two of my other guy friends Friday night. So we were talking back and forth Friday night while I was out with the other guys and he said at some point that he didn't have anything the next morning and that his mom told him the wrong date...I think he actually might have just been lying to me from the start because at this point he was hanging out with a friend. So he asked me what I was doing the rest of the night and I told him I was hanging out with these other guys and he was like well you guys should party with us and then he said something which implied that I was invited but they were not...I was in the middle of a movie though so I couldn't just go and then he called my cell phone and I didn't answer but I texted him saying maybe I would drop by later, to which he did not respond...I did not drop by later but then I texted him when I got home about something for Saturday night(the night we were supposed to hang out now) and he was like "I'll do whatever you want to do" and so I texted him Saturday morning asking if he would mind driving me and he never responded and we didn't hang out...I don't understand...Did I offend him on Friday night or is he just full of sh*t and playing games with me? Please help! I am so confused. Honestly though I feel like he has no right to be annoyed about Friday night considering I suggested we hang out Friday night but he said no and then when I was already out around 11 he tried to get me to leave my friends to come hang out with him and his friend...


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  • He genuinely cares.


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