Sending messages on a dating site: Awkwardness ensues

I have recently signed up for a dating site, and have found a number of girls I am interested in. However, when it gets down to it and I have to send them a message I feel completely awkward, and I constantly try to make it perfect, even though it doesn't pay off in the end. Two of my interests have already received a message, and no response, so my guess is something went horribly wrong writing the messages.

Since they would never tell me what's wrong themselves: What is a good way to write a nice short message to invite them to look on your profile while not coming over as someone awkward or the like? People said I should be myself, but I tried that one already, there have to be more things to it.


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  • For your first message, follow this link

    For length of messages, click on link

    For your profile, check out this link


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  • Read their profiles and say something about their personality that you like. Be a bit quirky and funny and short. They probably get like 20 messages everyday saying stuff like "you look beautiful". But in the end they have to like what is written in your profile, and if this doesn't interest them, they won't answer.


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  • keep in mind that neither of you are likely to have met, so you should ask if they are interested in getting to know you before asking them out