My head is going to explode.

Okay so I haven't really posted much anymore on here but I need some help, some advice, some anything. Me and this girl have been dating for almost 4 years, she goes to school is Philly and I'm here by Atlantic city going to school and we decided to take a "break" where we still talk, remain friends and see each other occasionally. She wants to get out into the world and experience it, whether it be hooking up with other people or just getting sh*tty and drunk.

The same goes for me its just that I know I will be jealous and still be...boyfriendy. how can we remain friends when all I do when I see her is watch everything she does with admiration? I feel like...i could not handle this. I know she loves me, I know I love her...i honestly feel in my heart that there is no one else for me but would you handle this situation?


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  • i would go on the break because its something that you should both try and by trying it you guys will probably grow fonder of each other since you won't be seeing each other as often and because the times when you will see each other it will be special...i think the distance and the break is what you guys need in order to experience the world in a new light. I know it hurts now and I know it feels like she is the only one out there but you can't really make that conclusion because you haven't given other girls a chance. if you guys go on this break I think you guys will remain good friends because at least you are not breaking up with eachother! so ya, I say give it a try and try not to think about it...just be happy that you have the friendship and try to give other girls a chance and be glad you guys are on good terms and friends...

    -help me please?

  • I think if you take a break, it's best to cut contact for a while. It's difficult, if not impossible, to halt those feelings if you still talk, and if she tells you what she's been doing it'll just make you jealous. Honestly that situation just sucks, but I think that's the only thing that might help for now


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