My ex boyfriend wants to hang out still?

we have been broken up for a week now.

hes moving to a diff state on Tuesday, but he was suppose to leave in two weeks but not he's leaving earlier.

he called me on my birthday which was yesterday and asked me if I wanted to hangout. and I said no because I'm doing good without him. so I don't wanna go backwards.

i mean, yes I miss you so much, but why see him when I know I'm gonna be miserable again.

he tells me he still loves me and wants to see me before he leaves.

we broke up because he's moving and we have been fighting and I don't trust him.

he even told me we can stay together and make it work, but now he's saying we cant.

he got mad because I hoked up with two guys last night while I was drunk and he gets mad becaue I go out too much.

i think he's just jealous. and I can't tell if he still likes me like he says he does.

my friends tell me he's just doing that so he has me on the side. he even told me we can still talk but not put a label on us. that's bullsh*t to me. either you want all of me. or none of me at all. I don't play games.

im just confused. he's says its so "gay" that I don't wanna hangout with him. he says it sucks going from seeing me everyday to not at all.

but I told him its not my fault. and it isn't. I was willing to do a ldr. he wasn't. because I know he's gonna get with girls down there.

so what do you think about all this?

why does he get mad/jealous when I do stuff?

he even sometimes says I love you. if I'm going to sleep or something. I never say it back because I'm trying to stay strong. but what the hell


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  • You lost me at "i hooked up with two guys last night while I was drunk"...Of course he gets mad at you because you go out too much if this is the type of thing that happens when you go out?! BUT YET YOU SAY YOU DON'T TRUST HIM? You ask why does he get mad and jelous? Put yourself in his shoes, would you be mad or jelous if he went out and hooked up with two girls?

    And sh*t, This guy calls you on your birthday to see if you wanted to hang out and your response is "no I'm doing good without you" HAAA!

    My advice from what I read, leave the guy alone, he's probably much better off in the long run without you because I very seriously doubt you love him, and I doubt you miss if your hooking up with 2 dudes at night.

    Im not even going further on this one, this post HAS to be a complete joke! LMAO

    • No. you don't know the whole story so don't even say I'm the bad one. we dated for a while and he payed for maybe three things I payed for everything else. that's totally wrong. and we aren't together and that's what happens when I get drunk. and he obviously doesn't love me if he can just leave me and be fine with it that's not love. and wanting to hangout and be friends, and being fine with it isn't love either. you can be friends with someone you're in love with and hangout with them and be fine withit

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