Did he just deny me tonight??

Me and this guy I'm interested in, started texting a lot and he always texts me first every day and we even made some plans to hang out today, he asked me! So...he text me today but all of the sudden stopped and I have not heard from him since...and we were suppose to be hanging out right now! Did he deny me? =(

  • Yes he did deny you...sorry
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  • No something probably came up...you'll hear from him later.
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  • Hmmm you must be a booty call.
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still have not heard from the guy..its be 2 days wow what a jerk..


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What Guys Said 1

  • You are panicking. Calm down.

    Give the poor guy a few hours to explain what happened before you jump to conclusions. maybe he just got a flat tire or had some kind of emergency he had to deal with.

    It sounds to me like he just got interrupted.

    If goes a day or 2 with out calling... at that he will have blown you off, but for now with hold judgment.


What Girls Said 1

  • something probably came up.have a little faith.. if he doesn't show up the next time then yeah avoid him

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