I like this guy, Matt. But I just met him.. and we don´t really talk that much to be considered friends

so, my question is: how can I know him better?

Matt is friends with my friends, and when I hang out with them, sometimes he's around. but its not like we talk a lot. we just like say a few words, hello, and goodbye.

i want to know him better, cause I'm really attracted to him.. but how?

i know its a lame question, but I'm clueless when it comes to guys!

thank you!


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  • Well what you could do is ask him to hang out sometime. When your hanging out just talk to him that's how your going to get to know him better. or You could go to the movies together. But I have a quick question. Is your name Brie? Cause this sort of sounds like a girl I like alot.

    • Sry but no, my names not brie! :) thanks about your answer btw

  • I'm Matt... I wish you were talking about me.


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