How can I get him to tell her to leave?

OK, so there's a boy on my swim team who's a good friend of mine. The thing is, he's got a crazy witch of a girlfriend. She's ALWAYS there, watching the practice. Now, I'd be OK if she was there maybe once a week, but she's there EVERY DAY for TWO HOURS a day. If swimming was fun to watch, say like football, then I could understand, but all we do is go from point A to B and back to A, for two hours. She kinda creeps the rest of the team out (I'm the captain so I've gotta make sure when somethings wrong I try to fix it).

Anyway, he's my little buddy, but how do I ask him to make her stay home?

PS: She is his rebound. The second my sister shot him down when he asked her out he started dating this crazy at... so it makes talking about it a little awkward... o.o


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  • You don't.

    Focus on the game, focus on winning and what you guys need to do to win... if someone in the crowd can effect the outcome of a game... it's not the crowd's fault, it's the focus of the team.

  • you better not interfere with his relationship unless you are actually into him, but seeing as you describe him as your lil' buddy it's apparantly not so


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