Should I keep dating this guy?

I met this guy and we have gone out on two dates, talked on the phone, and texted a lot. At first he really overwhelmed me with a lot of attention and was texting me multiple times a day and messaging me a lot when I was online. After our first date I just kind of liked him, and he seemed a little boring to me, but he was so nice and so into me that I just didn't want to end it and decided to give it another chance so we went out again and he has realized that his constant texting, messaging was a little much for me... so like I expected he was just really excited and nervous at first... and now he has calmed down a little but still very interested. I do like how nice he is, but I am still just not that into him. He is fun and funny and nice to hang around with, and we have kissed a little, and he loves to cuddle.

Question: Do I keep dating this guy even though I am not that into him, but he is really into me or do I stop seeing him so that I don't hurt him. I do like him, because he is super nice and cute... I am just not that into him... but hoping the more time we spend together then the more I may like him.

okay so we have gone out a few more times and I am starting to like him more, so I want to give him a shot because he is really nice and sweet. I think I was reluctant with wanting to like this guy is because I was still hung up on the last guy


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  • So he has qualities, you adore... (at least you know something new if you move on that you want)

    It's hard to answer this because your not saying the reasons your not into him? I could list reasons but speculation will yield no answers...


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  • you can spend a bit more time with him to see if you rally like him, but trust me I know from experience that when you think you are not going to hurt him by going out with him because he seems interested I the end you will hurt him more because if you don't really like him then sooner or later you are going to have to end it. My advice: if you really don't like him end it now

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