Can I still take her somewhere as my date?

I don't know why I'm asking this, it's just been on my mind a bit lately... y'see, I'm a freshman in college this year, and last weekend my high school's homecoming so of course Facebook is flooded with pictures and everything.I even saw of the guys & gals I graduated with going. Got me thinking, I never went to Homecoming or Girls' Choice or anything like that, just figured I wasn't good enough, didn't think I could find a date. Even when I met a girl I thought it might work with I could never muster the courage to ask. always been shy around the ladies. only dance I went to was my prom, which was nice, but I never got to feel the thrill of romantic conquest, so to speak. finding the girl I wanted then feeling good that she liked me back. Not just circulating to different friends and receiving friendly affection from girl friends. Anyway, there's this girl I really really like and we're close friends now, and I've always wanted to take her to a dance. Y'know, pick her up, tell her she looks beautiful in her dress, slow dance, etc. just never got the timing right in H.S. since I met her last year. I asked her to prom (although she unfortunately had been asked already) so I think I could do it again if the opportunity arose.Our schools are fairly close so there's no problem there. Does anyone know if there's any chances for things like that after High School?


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  • Most colleges have a homecoming dance early in the year, but I don't see any reason you can't take her out for an evening and tell her how beautiful she is without an excuse. If you want her to have the opportunity to dress up for it, 2 prom tickets are probably the same price as a dinner at a pretty nice restaurant.

    • Hm, I haven't heard about a homecoming dance at my school. I think we're probably like most other moderately-sized universities so I don't see why we wouldn't. And I like the restaurant idea but I'd be a bit too nervous to ask her on a date like that.

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  • I know what you mean how you want your special moment to be at prom or something very similar to prom. The closest things you'll be able to get to that would be college formal dances. But to be honest if you want a special moment like this.. you'll most likely have to find a girl and have previous times with her first.. some simple dates and such. These special moments don't come as easily as you see in the movies... it's like love at first sight, you may feel it but the actions probably won't play out just as fast. But yea back to your specific question... college formals or even if you go to a club with a girl. Clubs are very very different but you can still have very close,special, intimate moments on the dance floor. Intimate meaning either slightly sexual or just emotional/special. Sorry if some of my wording is weird but it's difficult to explain in words sometimes!

    • I see, that'd be awesome if there was like a college formal, but I haven't heard about anything like that at my college. it's a state school so I think I'd be like most universities, when do schools usually do that?

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    • Well I'm at a moderately-sized University, we don't have a football team though, our main sport is basketball. Don't know if there's a homecoming for that but maybe it is just randomly throughout the year, who knows...

    • Hm, you know I was just thinking... is your school one of the big ten? perhaps only the giant big ten schools do that. could that affect it?