What's your opinion on dating someone who has a child?

I met this guy and he's so sweet & caring. He has a one year old child and admits to never being in love before. I think he's afraid to start over because he doesn't want to be hurt again.

Over all, I don't see much of a problem unless his baby mom is psychotic.


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  • I avoid men with children at all costs, but that's because I don't want children. But if you can see yourself in the situation that you would have to deal with the mother of the child then more power to you. I've just found that it's hard enough to date and children make it more complicated.

  • Well I was in your situation. I once dated a guy who had a daughter. he was a great man. and I really liked him. at the beggining he was like I love my daughter but the girl I will choose and live my life with will be something special and very important.

    after few dates , all he tlked about was his daughter, what she did, how she looked like when she was born and such things.

    to be honest I really gt jealous. I didn't wanna feel like he is caring about someone other than me. although I loved children a lot and his daughter was very cute, and I loved her too. I never imagned I would get jealous from a lill girl.

    Well, my advice is, if you are recently dating him, and you didn't build feelings toward him yet, I would tell you to search for someone who is free. like you, life would be much easier and better with him..

    Good luck.

    • Youre comment says a lot about the person you are && ii appreciate all of the details. Thanks =)