What is he thinking?

Okay, so I've known this guy for about... a month or so now. We met because he's my best friends other best friend from outside school, and we got along really well. We had tons of stuff in common too! So, we began texting and talking and everything. We talked all the time, on the phone for hours and by texts and he told me he really liked me, and wanted to be 'more than friends with me soon' which I said was cool.

Then about a week later, he suddenly seemed to change his mind... he told me he wanted to be "just friends" but told my best friend "he liked me 100% and had every intention of going out with me" so he was sending mixed messages. A week after that, after seeing him everyday and talking all the time, I decided to tell him I liked him, since I never had. He said he needed to think about what he wanted and he'd get back to me. His answer was he didn't want to ruin what we had and wanted to stay just friends because I was an amazing girl and he really liked me.

I was of course upset, but seemed to get over it soon, but now he has a new girlfriend, but keeps flirting with me, and being a bit of a perv. We're still really close so I see him all the time, but I can't help liking him, and it seems he likes me again... what is he thinking?!?!?!?!?


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  • Maddiebeaann, good question that comes with a simple answer. Guys don't want what they can have so easily. You did not challenge him, you did not make him chase you. He has a new girlfriend and wants to have you too, since you said you liked him. He basically wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to keep a relationship type feel with his girlfriend, but if he can get some on the side, that would do just fine. He's trying to use you. Don't flirt with him, be friends. If you are confused with his intentions, be honest and ask him. You may want to reconsider being in a relationship with him because of the way he's acting now. Pretend you are the girl he's currently with, would you want him flirting with other girls?


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  • Guys don't know what they want... they like you and you like them why do they make things more difficult... they want you... then they don't ... what the hell...

    okay so I am in a similar situation myself... but my friend has acted a little more into me lately now that he knows I am dating someone who I really like... so forget him for now and find yourself someone else to date... Good Luck :)