I need help with the best friends?

Okay I had previous questions where I ask if its okay if I hang out with pure guys? Well, that's starting to come and bite my ass. My guy friends are getting I guess you can say a little too attached. I mean in asking me for sexual favors, checking me out, and well just constantly playing with my hair and complimenting me on my curves and how much they wish they could "do me". Don't get me wrong they don't all gang up on me at the same time but just individually they choose to hit on me. What do I do? I'm really close to this guy actually and I can tell we will eventually get together. All my guy friends know about this guy because I tell them everything. What should I do? These guys are my best friends what are they doing hitting on me? They know me inside and out. By the way not all of them just like 2 or 3 of my best friends are doing it.


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  • You're a very attractive girl, you seem intelligent, and you must have a nice personality... so I think you are going to continue to find this "problem".

    Many guys find it difficult to be friends with a girl under such a condition. I'm sorry... ! ;)

    If you like only one guy, I think he is going to notice if you are hanging out with a number of other guys, will certainly notice them flirting with you from time to time -- even if you don't respond -- and may decide that he doesn't wish to compete with that.

    But you say that you and he are dating now? - and the other guys know that and are still flirting? That's surprising, because that is certainly "breaking the rules". If they are doing that, hitting on you while you are attached, I'd venture to say that they truly aren't your friends.

    • Thanks and well I'm not dating him yet just getting closer and closer and I can tell we will date somehow and he def knows about my guy friends he knows I"m a guy chick. I hang with the guys. I talk like a guy. Expect I look like a girl and I certainly don't have a penis. LOL anyways at first I was one of the guys but then things started getting more awkward when I noticed them looking at me more than just "one of the guys"

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  • Maybe the problem gets better when you have a boyfriend and they realize you are "off the market"

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