Guys always tell me I am hot and sweet, but they never want to date me?

i am always told how nice I am and down to earth. guys will flirt with me and tell me how pretty they think I am, and act very interested. then next thing I know, they meet another girl and date her. I don't understand. it doesn't matter if she is prettier than me or always happens.

i am actually interested in being in a relationship since I have been single since 2008, but like I said...every guy I meet acts interested then goes and dates someone else.

what should I do? I am already very nice and am an attractive girl. I'm not a bitch, not self centered, easy to get along with, and have an awesome sense of humor. so why don't men see it?

any advise? I'm 25 so I want to meet someone...blah! lol


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  • maybe you're too friendly, I can't really tell you what to do differently to change that, but there's some people that I think are cute, talk to them, like them, then its like BOOM, she's a good friend. friend, don't know why, don't know how... it just kinda happens.


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  • 2 things

    #1. They are just looking for p**** and don't really want a relationship.

    #2. You're creeping them out by being too friendly, nice, and good- like a girl who calls herself a princess but has the heart of a dictator. I know that I'm freaked out by girls who are really nice and perky around me. Maybe being more casual and relaxed in your manner could help with the dating drought.

    • Oh I'm not perky, not nice as in bubbly and upbeat....but more down to earth and laid back. basically I just get along with people really well

  • Don't do anything, those guys are idiots.

    Btw, I want to meet someone too lol


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