How to handle this date?

So I went out with a girl that I had some great conversations with. She had been texting me for two weeks while I was unavailable, and it the conversations and texts got to a point of high interest, like she saying my voice "turned her on", and other definite indicators of interest on both sides.

We went out the other night and it was a bit tough. I knew she was shy, but after our conversations, this seems a bit much. I invited her to continue our date for dinner but she declined. She had to get home. I figured she felt that things weren't going well. While she did laugh quite a bit during our date, I also felt like she was a bit uninterested.

I texted her just to make sure she got home OK and figured that would be it. Now that night, and today, she is texting me the same questions and stuff she did before we went out. I am wondering if I did something wrong. While I hugged her when we first met, I only walked her to her car and said goodbye at the end of the night. I can't say it was the best first date I've ever had, but I appreciate a second chance and always figure there's no harm in getting together a second time. But I don't know how to read a situation where she leaves early, presumably out of disinterest, then keeps contacting me asking me about myself and my day. I mean, shouldn't a disinterested date never want to talk to you again?

How should I play this? Should I email her a longer explanation/question? If she is interested in getting together again, I feel like an idiot for not ending with more interest (at least a hug).


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  • might be left field here... but does she give you any indication she feels you are out of her league? I've only experienced this once... and I'm a pretty out there kind of girl... I'm NEVER nervous but this one guy... had me so shy I didn't know what to say in person... as if was afraid if I said the wrong thing we wouldn't be a thing anymore... I even traveled to another state to spend time with him... ya that didn't turn out great we ended out "dating" thing because I was SOOOO QUIET... anyhow... he made me afraid to talk to him... I'm not saying you make this girl afraid... but maybe for some reason she is feeling insecure... maybe you need to reassure her of how you feel... talking via text and phn (calls) takes away from the face to face pressure... maybe more calls vs texts... if you want you can email her about what you're thinkin but I think you should call her... plus... women like to talk about feelings.. if you are putting how you feel out there... you may just get some extra BONUS points... ;) good luck.


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