I have a choice to make...loyalty to which friend?

I',m in this situation because of my own big nose.A friend of mine is involved with two women. Can't say it's cheating since both women know about it. He's really good looking and a nice guy but tries for every woman within reach just out of habit.

Now I know one of the women is pregnant by him, but he doesn't know nor does the other woman.

I am friends with the pregnant woman as well as with the guy.

NOw who do I tell about this, or should I keep silent and let the woman decided when/if to tell him? Or the other girl who is also a friend really.

Another complication is that she's not certain he's the father.


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  • Oh my GOODNESS what a situation. THERE IS NO GOOD SOLUTION, Marty. If you open your mouth you'll get in trouble with who knows how many of the people involved. If you keep quiet then some of them will no doubt find out you knew and be upset with you for not saying something!

    So admitting that we're looking at the LEAST BAD action to take: I would tell HIM only.

    He deserves to know, I think, even if the pregnant girl for whatever reason is keeping it from him. For one thing she must have thought you might tell him; she must know that you are friends. Maybe she wants that; maybe she's too embarrassed to tell him directly herself, but wants you to do it. I'm not at all sure of that, but it seems likely?

    It's up to him to decide if he wants to talk to her about it or wait until she approaches him.

    No good reason to tell his other girl friend since she is almost certainly going to find out from the grapevine anyway. Plus, she might throw something at you.

    But take cover! There could be some consequences!


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  • Stay out of it. It is up to her to tell him and get all the details arranged. It's up to her to tell. It's not easy but it's what you have to do.

  • I think you should tell him that the girl is pregnant and that she's not sure if she's the father.


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