Would a girl date someone that looks like a metal head? (But she isn't)

To explain.

I'm a diverse type of guy.

But will stereotypes intervene with my opportunity to be with a girl that has different tastes?

As for even giving me a chance..


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  • You're cute if that's your pic, but I would not date you because I like short clipped hair...yes at first, I could date you but eventually as the relationship went on, I would want you to cut that hair! Not superficial, just what I like...for example:

    HOT guy at the gym, similar looking to you...tatted up, which I particularly don't care for, one tattoo or two is fine but he had more than that...i could look beyond it.

    Always wore a do-rag...with tails...again, don't particularly care for this image but each time we ended up at the same machine...chemistry so...i could look beyond it.

    We never spoke but gave each other that look...yummy!

    So one day he comes in...no do-rag on but still had tails...weird?!?!?! so as I get closer, long hair, twobraided ponytails...the record scratches eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Girlfriend says...you could "make" him cut his hair...haha nope, I can't...and if anyone believes that, they're a fool.

    Point, some things can be looked past and some things are just not going to be accepted.

    Here's the deal tho...be who you are anyway! That guy shouldn't even care that I don't like his ponytails, nor do I care if he cares!

    You can only please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you will never please all of the people all of the time.

    So some things about you are gona turn a HOT chick off, SO WHAT? There's more!

    • Good advice, I only grew my hair for this girl I dated for a while.. -__- kinda liked it though.

    • Hey....best answer....thanks! I'm glad it was helpful!

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  • yea I would...and I have

    i listen to pretty much everything but in person you would think I'm just this

    fashionable chick you looks pass anything not in her circle but I'm the total opposite


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  • Depends on your age & the girl in question. As you get 25-30 some women get turned-off by the "metal" look, saying they want an "adult" - in other words, they want short haired, suit-wearing, moneymaker instead of a long-haired, tore up jeans wearing, rock'n'roller.

    So yeah it can hurt you, but just with bimbos. Girls who are real won't focus on your pants or your hairstyle.

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