What is this guy doing? Am I just blind? Is he playing me?

Okay.. So I'm back talking to my ex.. me and him dated for three months and broke up in February.. I'm not gonna lie.. I was in love with this kid.. Well this school year we started talking again and he said he wanted things to be different and he liked me again and he wanted there to be something between us again but it was going to take time because he was really confused about something..

I know now that what he was confused about was that he likes me and another girl also.. Her name is Becca.. Well she went and told him I followed her into the bathroom and threatened her and yelled at her.. but it didn't happen and I told him that but he doesn't believe me and now won't talk to me.. Me and him are also supposed to go to homecoming together on Saturday.. and I don't know what's going on..


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  • well you cud always really do it and really threaten her :P

    Or the girl becca like the guy and tryin to cause some sort of friction between you guys or sometin like tht because she like s him and stuff /

    o and by the way if tht guy really likes you then I think he shud trust you and if he don't then I don't think you deserve a guy like tht .

    (this might be a load of BS but I hope I helped! )

    gd luck :D

    • No I have friends that talk to becca every once and a while.. and that's exactly it.. the other day at lunch she was telling my best friend that She doesn't actually like him at all she just hates me and it trying to get him away from me.. pathetic huh?

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    • Hahaha yeaahh ummm.. I live in the backwoods of New Hampshire.. their is no hood around where I live..

    • Loooool

      o well my posh freaind get a chiwawa or somethin :P

  • he needs to choose...take it from there if he picks you


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