If he's into me why won't he text me?

Hey so I met this really cute and funny and sweet guy at my friends party last weekend, he's good friends with my friend's boyfriend, and he flirted with me the whole time and acted like he was into me, then later the next day I asked my friend and she gave me his number and told me he was into me and to text him, so I did and we texted for a while and stuff and he wants to hang again soon but he has texted me for the last three days and he wouldn't add me on facebook for like two days even though he's not in school and he was definately on facebook, so I'm really confused and I am waiting for him to text me but he seems like he won't, but I want to ask him to hang out this weekend. He told my friend that he thinks I'm really cute, but he doesn't know if he likes me because he wants to get to know me better, so why doesn't he at least text me?


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  • No one knows, and it doesn't really matter. If you want to hang out with him, just text him and stop trying to make it a game.

    I tell it like it is.

    • Haha yeah you do OK I guess but have you ever done this to a girl? y do guys do this?

    • No, I don't do that to girls... reasons someone might: 1)He met someone else who he's more into and is trying to just avoid you in a poor attempt to not hurt your feelings... 2)He's making it a game and is waiting for you to text him (maybe he feels he's been too flirty or is in risk of coming accross as too into you or too needy)... 3)He died... 4)I could go on forever because there are TONS of reasons that he might not be texting you and some you might even like if you found them out so TEXT

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