Would Muslims ever date a Catholic?

Just wanting to know.

would they ever date some-one other than their religion?

Also if you date a Muslim, what are their views on women? i.e., dress codes, hair etc..

Do all Muslims expect their wife to wear the turban thing around the hair once they are married?


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  • Yeah, um wtf? why generalize us Muslims into a single group?

    Take me for example, I don't pray, I don't go to the Mosque every Friday or whenever. I don't want my girl to wear a hijab. No one in my family wears a hijab (including my aunts, cousins). I don't fast during Ramadan ( I may do like one day out of the 30).

    The things I do that are Muslim like are as follows We celebrate Eid and go to the local Mosque on that day cause its a special day like christmas. I don;t eat any type of pig meat. I don't drink.

    [BTW, If you ever become part of a Muslim family to not eat Pork is the most basic value] I would say drinking is also a very basic value but then my uncles drink.

    And also, I am not some barbaric like GIntrovert the dipsh*t gentlemen professed. Just cause some stupid people choose to do that it does not makes us all (Muslims) bad. But hey! if you want to follow that logic then maybe we can say that all Catholics are pedophiles because their popes keep getting convicted of assaulting children and followers.or w.e. Gettin my drift? Don't generalize!

    • Yep thts me and my family summarized up :P

    • I'm sorry if I offended you, in anyways. No I have muslim friends actually. I respect the muslim culture very much. I think the women are loyal to their husbands very much. Ok, I am not bringing muslims down. I just clearly wanted to know if all muslims are the same. And beside, who said I was referring to myself about being Catholic. I juts wanted to know. If I dated a muslim, and married him and he asked me to wear the hijab my answer would be YES. I respect the meaning of the Hijab.

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  • i whould not recomend it, (what I'm going to say now doesn't count for all muslims ofc). Since here in holland we have a large amount of muslim immigrants its was only a matter of time before the started going out with our woman, anyway so 1 of those woman was my little sister(16then), to make it short, she was tottaly being abused by that guy, so if it wasn't for me and my father beating the guy to dust, it could have ended a lot worse for my sister, my advice is(might sound racist) just stay with your own kind really, at least you know most of the times how they will behave.

  • It's not just Islam, but any religion for that matter, you can't generalize people. Some may be orthodox, like kinda strict about their religious customs and beliefs and there are others who aren't. So it really depends.

  • it a personal choice

    i have a few muslim friend who are very conservative in tht respect

    while others are pretty cool and don't give a damn

  • NO not all muslims expect their wifes to wear it

    i would say if you do or if you don't it is your choice not mine

  • A muslim will want you to convert your body and wear a head scarf. The muslim religion states that if you married him, you must do everything he says, else the end result will be a beating.

    Here a video you should watch about islam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib9rofXQl6w

    • I am in Australia. Though their are Muslims that are European, does it also mean their like that too. Or is it once a Muslims. Rules and everything?

      I've seen a video of Muslims in iraq cutting off an American man's head. Sad.

    • That's what their religion states, but I do not know if they follow their religion or not...

    • Thanks anyways:)

  • You're question is based on bias and a lack of awareness. Muslims are not a monolith and come in all shapes and sizes. They have to face many stereotypes about themselves today. The "turban" is what guys wear in south Asia! Not all Muslims wear a purdah; I guess most don't! Incidentally, I'm from a Catholic background.


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  • Since m a muslim I guess ill be helpful :)

    men in islam are allowed to marry women from other religion but they are nt allowed to date because dating in islam is forbidden and its a sin!

    but still every1 nowadays has a girlfriend or a boyfriend like me 4 example :)

    f he is a GOOD muslim he will respect his wife a lot and he HAS to treat her like a queen! other than that the way they look @ a women is really sumfin I can't tell because 1st I'm nt a man :P

    and second it changes from a man to another!

    and about the turban f your in saudia arabia you must wear it but in other muslim countries it only depends on the girl f she wants to or not! and sometimes it depends on her father or her husband :(!

    coz as muslim girls and women we shouldn't say no to the man because he knows best! but its not always true and not every1 goes with these rules! anyway f your trying to date a muslim from europe who has lived there all his life then he will be good to women more than you expect! I know :)

  • It really depends. Muslims are just as varied as Catholics. You'll find that some of them are extremely casual (like some formal Catholics these days who rarely go to church, are sexually active and don't usually pray) while some are very strict (like Orthodox Catholics).

    I'm kinda in between. I've dated a Catholic boy before but haven't introduced him to my parents. It really depends on how hardcore they are about religion.

    Whether or not he'll want you to wear the hijab is more of a cultural thing. Check out his mom and sisters and see how they act. That'll be your clue.

  • Yes of curse, there are lots of muslims who date other races

    Some guys really couldn` t care less and others may be strict

    No, not all guys, just some

    It` s quite funny because the reason they go out with you is because you don` t wear a hijab and dress up and then when they go out with you they expect you to cover up and everything because they don` t want other guys to be attracted to you < i` ve seen this happen tons

  • It's not wise to generalize like this... I don't like it when people judge others and make generalizations about others. How about you ask your boyfriend that question. I'm not a muslim, but what SEANNN wrote is sickening. And I think you are prejudistic against muslims.! It's not all muslims who beat up their wifes/gf. When you grow up and explore the world (not just the part of the Holland you live in) you'd realize that these things happen everywhere. It's not because he was a muslim, it's not because they weren't of the same "kind". Who even says "stick to your own kind" anymore? Are you even saying that becasue he was black or becasue he was a muslim? There is domestic violence happening everywhere. please do not grow with a one track mind. Thank you!

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