When can I expect a second date?

Started chatting to a guy online over the summer but was out of the country so could not meet up. Once I came back we texted for a couple weeks and kept trying to meet up for a drink but neither one of us could make it when the other was available. Finally one night our schedules worked and we went out. He greeted me with a hug (and I thought) we had a great time and conversation was flowing. All ended well and he walked me home after I said I was going to get a taxi [as it was fairly late]. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Within half an hour he sent me a text saying he'd enjoyed himself. He invited me over a few days after for dinner but I could not make it, so I tried to reschedule but he could not make the reschedule. Now our texting has been reduced to nearly non-existent and I'm confused. Has he lost interest or will I get a second date?

During our first date he touched my arm and stared into my eyes, the signs I'd normally say meant a date was going well. He's since been on touch on facebook, but hasn't said anything about another date. How can I increase my chances of another date?


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  • You can expect it about 2 weeks later.


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