Will he call again? Does he care?

My boyfriend and I dated for a little over a year. I'm older and he's in law school. Lots of fights caused the break up. He called me 2 days after break up. I tried to reconcile, to no avail. Then called me a month later. I didn't answer and didn't call back. Was apprehensive about what he would say. I was having dinner with a mutual friend and she posted pics of our drinks on FB. He never texts her. He text to tell her he was interviewing at the firm I work for (after she'd told him who she was having dinner with). She's dead set he was making sure I knew about the interview. Are these signs he still cares? Help. I really miss him. But I broke all contact after he wasn't returning my calls. Even deactivated my FB acct and got off I'm on Gmail. Will he call back?


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  • There is no nice way to say this, but you are quickly losing all self respect by the minute. He dumped you, and he clearly doesn't care. He doesn't call back and he doesn't try to contact you, just give up on him, move on, get a new guy (or girl), have fun with that new person in your life and be happy. Stop pining for this loser who clearly doesn't care. Get your self respect back, and for god sakes stop whining to us about it.

    • ROLMAO!! You clearly don't have a clue as to what this category is for. "Break-up". Maybe you should read others. Perhaps you can give more contructive criticism there.

    • And yet three people agreed with me. Funny that.

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