Need advice with dating a girl who has a very busy schedule.

I'm dating a girl that has a very busy schedule, she is a full time student, works and has an internship. So finding time to go out with her is tough. Here are my two questions.

1. When we do go out we always have a great time, non stop conversation great connection, all around great time, but when we are not together I'm almost always the one initiating contact with her. I don't quite know if this is because she is so busy or she is not that into me. which seems highly unlikely by the way things are when we are together, but she still leaves me confused, because she doesn't text or call all that much unless I do. Should I be worried about this?

2. I tend to ask her out about every weekend I know she only really has one day off and we usually end up going out that night, sometimes she will make time other days. But am I asking her out too much? Normally I would think once a week is not that much but for a girl that doesn't have that much time to begin with, It might seem a little much. What do you think?


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  • Dont look too much into it. She's busy, you know she's just keep going with the flow! You have more insight then most do. You know she's studying and interning. If she starts avoiding your texts or calls, then you would need to worry. Until then, have fun. Ask away. Once a week is not that much, and it seems you two have fun when you are together. Aslo, try communication with her :)


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