Why is dating so confusing?!

Seriously, I'm so frustrated with this.

I know what I want; in life and in love.

I've only found liars and cheaters and deceivers (NOT to say that all guys are like this, because I know they are not. And I know that girls aren't perfect either).

I don't play hard to get. I try my best to open up to the guys I'm dating. I make time for my SO, and try to be a good girlfriend.

I'm at a point in my life where I want to date long-term, not continue in a bunch of short-term relationships. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Is there something I'm missing? What can I do to be a better dating companion?


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  • Just relax and focus on some of the things here.

    Your first attention should be focusing on that what kind of companion your guy is into.

    Because your fun, intelligence, and sense for exciting will make a major role in this. Share different activities with your guy, let him feel free to behave around you in the way he wants, otherwise he may feel unpleasant with you.

    That’s very healthy for building you relationship. Make up few jokes, laugh with him, and show him your sense of humor. He will love it, believe me.

    Guys do love good sex, but also healthy appearance and trust in the relationship. Remember that.

    Do not allow yourself to ruin a good opportunity to do something that is important for you. Many girls magazines gives so much useless advice about guys.

    It's often difficult for a girl to know exactly what guys like.

    These were few tips in one huge subject and a big mystery in general - what is that guys like.

    One day maybe that secret whole will be discovered, and come out from the shadows of the unknown. But until then, you’ll have to learn from these advices, and walk step by step towards the secret of what guys want. If you’re interesting in finding more about what is necessary to find or keep the guy you think you deserve, check out this link

    Hope I helped you with this, you seems like a nice girl :) Good luck to you!

  • you have to learn to forgive. I mean, it's hard. the guy I am with lied to me a whole bunch of times too, I know he is lying and yet he says he is not and makes some excuse for it. but I forgive. I think that's the key to a relationship. You forgive and continue to love and be there and be faithful to the guy. and you tell him to do the same because you want him and you to last. I hope that helps you. but yeah, relationships are not easy because humans are not perfect and we need to forgive and learn to live with one another in the midst of imperfection...

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