Dating other people?

so me and my girlfriend finally were able to talk on the phone about our disagreements on things, and came up with alternative solutions. I wasn't comfortable with her wearing this Halloween costume she has, so she OK lets do this! ill try it on, and my mom and step dad will look at it and tell me if its to overboard, if it is ill go tonight and buy a new one. I said OK that sounds great! she wants she wants to be able to go out one night and feel sexy to make her feel better. she has low self esteem so I understand what she means. than we talked about the dating the other people thing. I have been extremely depressed lately and have been fighting with her alot. she said she was start to have doubts in our relationship because she didn't know how to deal with it anymore, and that I'm a totally different person when I'm depressed like that.. she sat down and talked with her family, and they all agreed that she should go (only if asked) out on dates with other guys to make sure I'm the one she really wants to be with. we both said there is boundaries. she said that it will most likely only be group dates, and that she will only go on a date with them if she knows its someone that we both approve of. she said she will tell them she has a boyfriend before hand, and also said that she will not go any further than a goodnight kiss on the cheek. I told her that's fine, but I let her know that I have never been depressed like I was, because I'm in Iraq and with the stuff that goes on here, and being away from her, really took a tole on me. she told me she just wants to have some space. so I told her OK well ill give you space, when I found out the dates I'm coming for leave ill contact you. she said I don't want a week time of space, I only need a couple days once in awhile. so I said OK and now I'm currently giving her the space she needs. I'm willing to let her date other people, because deep down in my heart I know we are meant for each other, but its still in the back of my mind that she could possibly find someone. as long as she is happy with the decision she makes, than ill be fine. I just want her to be happy, but I hope she realizes that I'm the one she wants and needs, after dating other people. we have been together for 10 months by the way!

what do you think? have you ever had a point in your relationship where you had doubts and needed to see if you significant other really is the one by going on dates with other people?


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  • yeah I do. It's nice to take a breather and either to realize by dating other people that you have it or you don't. but my boyfriend would not let us take a break. we're together now for a year so not much longer than you and your girlfriend. good luck. that's nice of you to let her have her break. if she values you she will come back and let you know. and you can then tell her that you let her decide and she did choose you. =)


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