Is cynicism a turnoff?

I'm not a cynic in the way that I believe everyone is bad. I actually believe that most people are normally pretty cool. I am a cynic, however, when it comes to religion. Please no comments on religion itself, but here's my question: is a side of cynicism in a girl a turn-off?

I don't bring up religion and typically don't respond to religion questions unless they're directed at me. The only way my "cynicism" shows is just the look of unhappiness on my face. Like I said before, I'm not always like this. Is this a turnoff?


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  • i'm going to answer this question as if you were a guy

    so I was dating you and you kept telling me how bad religion is and how false it is or whatever. it would be a turn off. Because while I respect your beliefs, you don't need to keep pushing it on me because I do believe in God.


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  • I guess it would only be a turn off if they disagree with you lol.


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  • Not unless you're attracting emo guys

    ...otherwise don't date religious guys

    ...or bring up religion period.