So guys, if you're texting a girl you're really good friends with and she says this?

If she tells you about a couple of guys at the beach who said she was hot and you said "well then they can't be that hot" (meaning that she's ugly) would you say that because your jealous? Because this happened to me and this guy who was my great friend and who has always said how pretty I am and everything. But he said that after I told him these guys called me hot. So do you think he might've just been jealous or what?


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  • yeah, jealous. I'd probably not be a jerk like that, but think about it from his position. Would you want to hear about other girls flirting with him? Especially if you had something for him.

  • I would say he is indeed jealous. But having to say it like that? well then...

    You sure he wasn't joking? It's sometimes hard to tell if someone is joking over text.


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