Should this really bother me?

My ex and I broke up from what was effectively a 2 year relationship around a month ago, and I've been progressing really well towards getting over her and stuff, but some things seem to be sticking points in my mind. I really feel like I'm OK with the fact that we're over, and that we're gonna try to be friends (I asked her to give me some time to get over her before we really went back to being good friends).

The thing that really seems to bug me during the times when I'm thinking about it is that she said that she never really cared about me or had feelings for me. She implied that all I was good for was sex and buying her stuff. That's a real shot to the ego, and at a time where my ego really could use some time to rebuild.

Are there any suggestions beyond the general "distract yourself" (hang out with friends, flirt with others) and "let it heal" (this will take time) suggestions?


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  • Don't let it bother you.

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