Should I text him first or wait?

OK so my boyfriend had to work last night. He called me when he got off which was at 11 pm. I was half asleep but I wanted to talk to him. Anyway, after maybe 20 minutes we started arguing. It was kind of my fault because I hate when he texts and talks to other girls all the time and I kind of brought up that subject because he told me earlier that he talked to one of his "girl friends" for a while before he called me and this is the same girl that keeps trying to break us up. So anyway, we were arguing about that and finally he said he was going to sleep but I was still talking. So then he just said "you're acting stupid" and he hung up on me. He hasn't texted me today and usually he does so should I text him first? Or just wait it out?


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  • i agree wid anony,if you agree you hv done mistake then you shud text him

    besides if he were anything even close to a cheat he would nvr tell you whom he calls or texts...

    conversely if (suppose) you too are having some guy friend & you talk to him &he gets mad at u..u will also feel irritated...thou I understand your insecurity wen he talks to girl who wants to break-up you 2, I would suggest the best possible soln to this problem is for you 2 to sit &talk it out else it will continue to irk you &in turn affect your relationship!

    • Thanks for your answer. I want to text him but I'm not really sure what to say. He is the one that hung up on me but I get the reason why but now I don't know what to say.

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    • Okay thanks. Well I texted him saying sorry and all, and he texted back and just said "ok, so what are you doing now?" he changed the subject and is acting like it never happened. He does that a lot....I guess he just doesn't like talking about problems. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing but oh well. Lol

    • hey...thanx!


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  • Its good to accept your mistake and text him


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