Is it okay to be the one constantly texting/calling this guy?

I like this guy a lot and want a relationship with him but usually (not all the time) it is me texting/calling him. Usually we just "hook up" but lately things have been different making me think he wants more. My friends have told me not to text/call him anymore and leave it up to him. But it has been over a week since I have heard from him, should I text him or leave it up to him? I would really like to see him but don't want to be the one always putting in the effort.


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  • if you want to talk to him, talk to him. if he's like me then that no calling thing is going to make me think you've decided you're not interested, and I'll bury my feelings and try to disappear.

    if he has nights that he opens up more via phone/ text and talks about his family/ past, that's the time to ask him about the future, and move on to your relationship by asking about friends, then segway to yourself, like "so what do you think of (insert mutual friends name)... after he answers go "so what about me?" if he pops friend out quick then that's prob all you are.. if he takes a few secs and kinda meanders around then he's prob intrested in more.

    a good way to figure out if a guy you know is into you or not, when you ask him to hang does he every say no? is he willing to go 1/2 hr just to go sit at a campfire with you or even just chill around the house? if so good chance he's interested, and I'd ask... (pls don't be like thoes women that freak out cause he couldn't hang out 1 day and said something legit as a reason... yes, our cars break down and we have issues too :) )

    good luck! I hope it works out for ya

    • Thanks for the advice as I stated lately he has been doing/saying things to make me think he wants more than just a booty call...the other night he actually stayed the night which he has never done before. People tell me to let him call or text me instead of me always being the one to do it, but I don't want to be the one. But I also don't want him to think that I am not interested in him either.

    • So I took your advice and ended up sending him a text to see if he wanted to come over tonight, its been over a week since I have seen him. So will see what happens I guess

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  • Tell him that it bothers you. Maybe he just got used to you doing it. If he just doesn't like you enough to contact you, then it's better to find out sooner than later.


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  • If a guy is into you he'll call...don't be the chaser always make him chase you. Men want what they can't have.

    • So hard to not text or call him though, just would like to know where I stand and what he is thinking. The things he does and says makes me think he wants more is he just scared to commit those things are constantly running through me head.

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    • Why should he have to chase you? That's sexist.

    • So guys what do you think I should do text or let him text me...I am getting a little confused here I don't want to scare him off as I care for him a lot.

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