What's a dating kind of guy to do?

So, my question is.most of the women I see at college age or so just want to hook up. As a guy who has no interest in this kind of behavior I feel like I missed the train on this one. Aren't guys the ones who are supposed to want no strings attached or random one night stands, etc?

Where are the girls who want to develop something closer? Who want to take their time a bit? Who want to actually date, hang out, have fun, and as we get to know each other we can increase the physical stuff.

I don't get women these days at all.


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  • It may just be the area you're currently living. Demographics play a big part, socioeconomic status too. Try the library, cafes, and parks.

    • Mmm which demographics do you think are more prone to this?

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    • This has got to be one of the greatest answers to this question I have ever read. You deserve a medal Hercules, haha.

      Great answer. I wish I could give you two agrees.

      So true. In so many ways.

    • Thanks so much again!!

      It makes the 900+ questions answered worth it! :D

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  • haha I'm not gonna lie, I was always a relationship type of girl until I got burned by guy after guy that just wanted to hook up. So I've had to train myself to go into something wanting no strings unless it just happens. It was the only way to protect my heart.

  • hhmmmm. A guy who wants more than to just hook up?

    OMG! Why are you so far away! LOL!

    but seriously, maybe the women that you met at college are still in the process of determining what they want from life and are just trying different things for now!

    try going to places where you'll meet more mature women!

  • not to generalize, but girls who want to hook up are sorority girls dressed in scanty clothing. that or women on the rebound (and more power to them!)

    not to bash sororities at all. just giving a vast stereotype

    if you want the dating type of girl. look around yourself! they're probably not the girls wearing low-cut shirts or booty shorts. they're in the library and gym and in your classes!

    trust me, they DO exist. don't lose faith

  • as an incoming freshman, I am not looking for a hook up/one night stand. although I am new to college so I have a novice idea and view, I personally would rather be dating or have a boyfriend rather than hooking up. maybe you aren't looking in the right places? of course at the parties most people want to go crazy, what about meeting girls in classes, extracurricular clubs, or who you seem to see on a regular basis like in the cafe, on the green, in the common rooms


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  • If it makes you feel any better, things will switch as you get older. Girls will want relationships and you will want random hookups. So my advice to you if you want a relationship is to date older women, it's the only way.

    • Kinda been waiting for that change for awhile...i figured at around 25 it would switch but so far no go