He has feelings for me and wants to date me.. but doesn't like me?

Ladies have any guys ever said this to you? Guys, what do you mean when you tell a girl this?


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  • was that at 420 am?

    cuz it sure don't make sense!

    • Nope. About two hours ago. We're best friends who've had an open relationship in the past. We were talking and I told him "U know I'd date you but I know you don't have those kind of feelings for me or like me. And that's okay." And he goes "Well, I've always kinda had those feelings for you. But I control myself and control those feelings so that I won't like you." WTF? I'm just as lost as you are.

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    • One more thing,

      if you like him, and you think you guys can work it out, I mean REALLY work it out, tell him that, because he sure is waiting for it.

    • Idk.. he said he's in love with another girl so I'm not really sure what to think of the situation. I'm leaving it up to him because I'm really tired of waiting around for a guy who can't make up his mind on what he wants. Every time I say I'm not looking for a boyfriend or miss my ex or tired of guys, he gets all depressed then pushes me away.

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