We like each other, but I wanna know what's going on in his head?

I finally found someone who seems very sweet :)

we go to school together. I see him around school sometimes. but haven't hung out with him outside of school so I get that dating isn't an option right now. which I'm good with lol but I'm a little confused about if he's not sure about what he wants...why does he talk to me the way he does..like calling me babe and very sweet talk like were dating but not? I didn't want the wrong idea with him. he already told me we won't date very soon which is fine by me..but why talk to me like we are if he's unsure? maybe its just thinking too much :p

well, he does have my number, and we do talk, and he and I have admitted to liking each oher..but he's not ready for a relationship..i get that..but why talk to me like were dating .. if you're not ready?


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  • He might call you babe and stuff to probably get himself more use to idea of dating u. I don't know something like a test drive. I wouldn't worry about it, there just words 4 now. :D


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  • If you are talking about high school it is most likely because he is really likes you and just trying to get you to know that without ever having to tell you. It could be because that is just how he is; some people are very creative with their vocab and do it just to be funny. But most likely it is that he likes you, that is something that guys hate the most. We are scared to tell you straight up that we like you because of what you will think, but we give all the hints in the world and you never notice that we like you. If he doesn't already have your number, one day (no matter when it is) just turn to him and say "you should call/text me sometime, here is my number _____". Believe me, it may sound weird, but the guy will love you for it, because you did one of hardest things for him. Hope this helps; if you need any more insight or questions on what I said just ask.


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  • You don’t have to worry, because most of guys for some reason, which is in their nature, are very slow to adapt. No matter how many times you tell him (or do) something, he just doesn't seem to get it.

    This is why you need patience.

    Don't be offended when you don't get exactly the response you would expect from him. He will listen to you if you stand in front of him with an attitude (but don’t act like you’re his mother), and that will work.

    Break that believing that men and women are from different planet, and get to know him. Every day you have a chance to find out something new about him. Use that, and you’ll have a better relationship which gets even better as days go by.

    And remember, you must focus on how he thinks, instead of how you think. That is a common mistake that girls do when they try to solve some problem with their man. Be aware the signals you are sending to him.

    I offered you help here with some advices, just use them and everything will be just fine. I’m interested to help you, but there are some things you need to learn before it’s too late.

    Don’t risk buying batch of stupid girls magazines, there are 99% useless. If you’re interesting in finding more about what is necessary to find or keep the guy you think you deserve, check out this link

    I hope I helped you!

    I wish you good luck with guys!

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