I want and feel as though I need to call, want some tips and experience about this situation?

Me and this girl have been talking for about a month whether it is after class or texting. I think it's going good but I haven't called really just to talk though yet but I want to and feel that I need to. When we first started talking she said text me later and so nothing about calling has really been talked about so I guess I've just got into the routine of just texting or talking after class but I feel that if I start calling that we can connect better but she is busy pretty much up until evening. I'm planning on calling her real soon but basically before I do what I would like to know is girls how do you feel about being in this situation she may be in and anybody just some general tips and experience about this situation and good ways of breaking this routine and to start more of a routine of calling

yeah this situation is handled after class I just asked if I could call her later and she said yes and told me exactly when the best time to call her but feel free to continue to awnser your awnser may be helpful for someone else


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  • Some girls might be shy about talking on the phone, so make sure you really think she would be cool about it. If you talk all the time at school and through text, then she is probably getting more comfortable with you so it should be okay. Think of some things to talk to her about ahead of time (maybe jot them down?) so that in case things are awkard, or something, you have a topic changer on hand.

    If you really like her, you should think about asking her out. Even just for a drink, or a coffee one night, it's a good opportunity to see her and get to know each other better.

    Good luck!


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  • ur hott and should already know to take charge on the situation. but just incase you need the reminder.. how about when both of you are texting throughout the day tell her you will call her later. and then when you have maybe 30min to spare later that night. CALL HER! She wants you to call her even if it is nerve wracking. Got to break the ice sometime!


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