Girls, would you kiss other guy friends to make someone jealous?

k so this girl is hot. a bit of a flirt, but not a slut (even though it may sound like it). we have been flirting/playing games for months now.

she invites me to her friends b day at clubs (I only know the girl, hardly know any her friends). I've figured out that she only kisses guys when I'm out drinking with her.

Night 1: kisses guy1. she tells him it was a mistake the next day and they're only friends. guy1 is friend zoned

-more games between me and her. ignoring her etc.

Night 2 (month later): kisses guy1 again! and then later in the night kisses another guy2. guy2 is majorly friend zoned.

now she has kissed me on the cheek numerous times (I ignored it), hugs me, holds my hand etc.

she trying to make me jealous, trying to get me to make a move? or just a big flirt?

on a sober night, I spoke to her for hours, she laughed at everything I said etc. (I never made a move) then later we meet up with guy1. I left her alone with him for a while then asked her if he made a move and she said "no, he was too p**** to make a move". then I asked why she didn't make a move and she replied "I'm the girl, I'm not going to make a move". yet on both other occasions she was the one who kissed him first. hypocrite? or was she talking about me being a p**** earlier.


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  • 1. I suggest you to ask her face to face to get things clear.


    2. maybe you can kiss her too. if she looks pleased, then that's it. if not, just tell her that's a mistake like the other night she kissed guy1.

    but for me, really I think even a relationship is started with her, she might still go and flirt with guys.


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