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Is he interested or not?

My ex and I broke up almost a year ago. We had a falling out but became friends again. We didn't talk for the longest time until recently (a few weeks ago) he started talking to me again. Today we finally hung out.

We went on a walk, he paid for my jamba juice, movie, and dinner and then we went back to his place (and hung out with his roommates).

During this entire thing he gave mixed messages that confused me about how he's feeling.

On one hand he was flirting with me a lot (rough housing, poking, tickling, making faces etc). He also brought up things we did in the past together when we were dating. He also flat out asked me "Sooo uhmm... you have a man in your life?". When his roommates left to go to a movie themselves, he would occasionally get up from watching the movie and when he came back, he'd initiate rough housing (throwing a pillow at me, making a jab at my side etc). He wanted to show me where he works and stuff as well (we just didn't have time, but he insisted on another time). I checked my phone at one point and I caught his roommate giving him a look, then looking at me (he didn't know I saw out of my peripherals) and looking back at my ex as if to say "ehhh? what's this? ;)" And when I left, he asked me to text him when I got home so he knew I was safe.

Now, with that being said... he was also talking with his roommates (while I was standing right there) about this "smokin' hot chick" he saw at the DMV the other day. He also mentioned in passing while we were eating that he'd never get married or have kids (I don't want to have kids either, and he knows this). He also pointed out that he has never met anyone that didn't want kids (I corrected him and said me, because he knows this about me) and he said "well I mean... after... the fact" (as in, after we broke up). He also made a jab at me being younger than him (I'm 20, he's 26) - saying something to the effect of the different crowds are worlds apart.. or something like that.

He said we were definitely going to hang out again too.

So I'm confused. He was flirting with me a lot, and paid for everything during the evening, and inquired about my relationship status and such, but then he made jabs at me (or people like me) and was talking about not wanting marriage or kids. Confused, advice?

Oh, and it probably should be said that we previously dated for almost a year, and he brought up the idea of marriage to me and asked what sort of rings I liked, asked when I'd like to be proposed to, we went on lots of trips together, I know his family and we all get along. It was pretty serious. Things ended just because I started college and both of us were stressed. Things just went downhill. Bad timing.

So yes, advice please. I really could use it
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He also has facebooks statuses that are obnoxious like "Rockin' it" or "living the dream" ALL the time. He just put up a status (like two hours ago) that says "Who needs a girlfriend when you have money? ") " - did he want me to see that or something?
Is he interested or not?
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