So, where do I go from here? (the ball is in her court, unfortunately)

So, I was at a hookah shop one day doing some work when a girl walks in, sits next to me, and, long story short, talks with me for 3 hours. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of hitting me, and I even ended up paying for. Later that night, I sent her a message on facebook. Here's the exchange between us:

(me): Omg, so you left in a bit of a rush tonight. Just wanted to say thanks for hanging out with me tonight, telling me your life story, schooling me on women's rights, sharing some of your work, and proving just how kick ass women can be outside of bars. I'd like to see you again sometime, maybe for coffee, and we can talk some more about the Yeah yeah yeah's or rush limbaugh... you know whichever makes you wanna scream out of your lungs more. =D

(her): lol. I am sorry I left so quickly- I had some school work to do. and you won't find kick ass women in bars. lol. thank you for the hookah, I enjoyed talking with you tonight. :) and rush Limbaugh is what is wrong with America and an extension of the Illuminati - clear channel owns rush, and sam zell owns clear channel, and sam zell owns the tribune company, and most of our media, as well as... yikes. a lot

(as you can see she has some strong views)

(me): Maybe we can discuss it more over coffee? Say Friday?

(her): lol, I would love to, but I will be doing my behavioral therapy deal working in the morning, and then spending the rest of my day in a coffee shop! seeing that I work two jobs on friday. :)

(me): Well just name a time/day that works for you. My schedule's pretty flexible since I have finals this Friday and I'll be free after :)

(her): k :)

it's been 4 days since I saw her. My friends are telling me to "let it marinate," "she said she'd love to, but you put the ball in her court, and so now you have to wait. So wait 7 days and send her another message. What do you guys think?


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  • No! Don't wait 7 days, in fact don't wait at all, forget it right now. You made it clear you wanted to hang and she made it clear she was blowing you off. If you write her another message you will be in dangerous can't-take-a-hint territory. She's not that into you. :( Sorry pal.


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