Can I not take a joke? (GUYS PLEASE ANSWER!)

Iv been hanging out with this guy I met online on and off for a about a month now. I am starting to doubt if we are really meant to date. I think he is a great guy and I really enjoy his company. but I feel as though he is too sarcastic and always has to have a line to everything statement I make. I feel I can't just breathe and be myself without him having a witty comeback to poke fun at me. I'm on my A game ;) it is so irritating cause I am the way I am (a bit sensitive). and he is the way he is (kind of an asshole--his words) we established that from the beginning. but we are still sort of drawn back to each other at some point.

REAL QUESTION: have you ever dated someone you have had miss communication with as far as humor and joking styles?

did you learn from each other and grow or did you drive each other crazy?

  • No dude. we are just too different it wouldn't work
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  • Opposites attract in some ways it adds a little spark!
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thanks a bunch for your input! its funny that the girls said yes and guys said no. hmm wonder why that is?


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  • Get out now! Communication happens to be a huge component in relationships. If communication is difficult between the two of you, your ship is already sinking! Like, Titanic status! Get to the lifeboats and stomp out any small child blocking your path!

    Seriously, I have a similar personality to his, I've spoken to many girls and not all of them could put up with me. That is okay, cus there are plenty of girls who do mesh well with my sarcasm and we have a blast! It's like we are soul mates! It's all about fitting the pieces of the puzzle and making the "big picture" a reality. Don't force things that simply do not work.


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