Fallen for long distance online friend!!! Serious advice required.

I've developed very deep feelings for someone that says we should just be friends but hint at a lot more when we talk. And recently he's been playing hard to get. Not being available often but making sure I fall hard when we do chat. This is torturing me! One side of me wants to end all friendship ties, be heartbroken for a while & then move on. The other side of me doesn't want to let go cause I feel such a deep connection.

Please, help this girl in agony. What should she do?!


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  • I was in a similar situation as you, except we've been dating for almost a year and he never plays those ridiculous mind games with me. I can not decide for you, but you need to think about the fact that if he enjoys stringing you along like this now, what the hell is he going to enjoy doing to you during the relationship? Hot and cold is no fun! Relationships are about connecting, and being there for each other as much as possible. Not deciding if you feel like being there for the other person. If you really care for him, you need to flat out ask him what's going on. He says he does not want a relationship, but you're picking up signals that he does want one. He may be unintentionally flirting with you, which can happen, and doesn't realize it's affecting you and your feelings.

    So you need to tell him that the way he is acting is increasing your affection for him, and if he seems genuinely surprised that he's doing this(it's not hard to tell when they're faking) then he had no idea and probably will want to stop so he doesn't make it any harder for you. If he doesn't seem surprised or is completely unaffected by your comment then you might want to consider slowly weening yourself off of him. I wish you good luck, and if you need anymore help either reply to this or send me a message.

    • Thank you for your post!

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  • i think he is just confused to face the fact that he really likes you and is questioning this situation. a part of him might be falling for you too and another part of him might be in conflict with that. don't end the friendship and keep talking to him. he may come out and say that he does have feelings for you. maybe something is going on in his life?

    • Thank you for your advice! it is SO difficult position to be in.

      You have to hide your feelings the whole time.

    • Your welcome! and if something is going on with him, just be there for him.