If a guy hangs out with jerks does that make him one?

The guy I currently like seems like a super great guy around me, apart from the tendency to flirt with other girls :S but can't expect much from someone who hasn't had a serious relationship in 3 years. His friends are rude, arrogant and beyond perverted... If the guy I like hangs out with these guys does that make him a jerk too? Because guys normally are most comfortable around their friends.. What are the exceptions?


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  • does it make him a jerk no... However, people constantly hang around people they want to be like, or feel they are like. So WILL it eventually make him a jerk... More than likely.

    Does he call them his friends, or just people he hangs out with... People you hang out with aren't the same thing, it's just people you pass time with and entertain yourself around

    Both possibilities, hope it helps

    • Thanks for commenting :) their his friends...... :S he's been with that group of people since he was like 5.. their his best friends.. and like my friends said yeah he could act like an ass with them but he might just be acting to fit in.. but if he could pull off an act like that.. he certainly could play the girl he says he likes..... right? :S

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    • See my problem is I've never actually gotten hurt.. I do the hurting.. or I break things off before I do get hurt.. I broke up with my last boyfriend because I didn't want something so serious and I wanted someone that lived on the edge a little and wasn't a goodie goodie..

    • Knowing what you want and going after exactly that is not a problem (and that's what you are doing).... Just be 100% sure that is the type of person that suits who you are... The fact that you feel remorse on some level FOR breaking up with people, that means you are doing things right when you do them.

      I'm gonna end things here, in my sub professional opinion it sounds like you have a great many things together... And you have all the answers you need, just reflect on it all good luck

  • Nope...not necessary!


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