Do you think I'm being too annoying with this guy?

I text this guy I like today and it went something like this:

Me: Hey What's up

Him: Nm U

Me: Just wanted to let you know I ate a nice juicy carne asada burrito and I thought of you lol

Him: You had meat in your mouth and thought of me? How sweet!

Me: Omg your a hot mess get your mind out the gutter ha ha

Him: Lol

Me: Hows your day been?

Me: Actually I was curious and wanted to hear that sexy voice of yours you should call me :)

Him: Ya I'll call you later

Do you think he feels I was annoying because I text him twice but I would rather him call me? Do you think he's gonna call? Please give me some answers!

12 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

Additional Details

Well he's the one that usually texts me first but I decided to text him today just I don't know if it makes a difference...

3 minutes ago

the reason I told him about the carne asada is because he told me the other day he was craving it so I figured I would make a joke out of it to see what he says so I don't know...


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  • I mean it really depends, he might be trying to "run game" on you. Or maybe he was just busy. But the fact that you texted him this time means that he knows that you like him.

    You can only really tell when you are together and you guys are both having a good time.


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