Is it an infatuation or what?!

I see this girl in one of my classes every week. She is real beautiful and and artsy type of girl with red hair. I'm slightly an acquaintance with her.

Before going to class I get nervous to do something around her. My hand might shake a bit. I find myself wanting to talk to her and imagining in my head us talking or hanging out. I don't like the fact that she gets into my head or in other words, I let her get into my head.

I do get anxious which can lead to some obsessive thinking. But other than that I feel like if she was off my mind I'd be way happier.

Yes, I have tried to talking to her and asked her to hang out, and it didn't go as well as I hoped. My plan is to just let it go and forget about it.


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  • Oh sweetie, it's not "obsessive thinking", it's being into her! Now obsessive is when you get into stalker mode, lol, just go with the flow in your own head :D.

    It sounds like you've already attempted to make a move with no good result. So yes, at this point, I think your plan to let it go is a good thing. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean you can't keep talking to her, just let go of the part that you're going to try to hang out with her. Continue to chat with her, get to know her, enjoy your time with her. Eventually, when she gets to know you more (and I'm saying you should definitely give it some TIME since you've already asked) and you guys are both super comfortable, you could then ask her to hang out with you. To make it more casual, make sure it's something you're inviting other people to (like a party, bbq, sports event, something) so that there's no pressure.

    Good luck hun! :)


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