What is her plan for me if she's not answering my emails, texts, or calls?

I met her a year ago and we met at her school cafeteria and talked a lot and I walked her to her dorm and left. We exchanged emails about plans but she left the country for a while. About a month ago I received a random text from her and all of a sudden we texted each other and made plans for a meeting at her place.

I met her at her apartment and we walked around and stopped by a restaurant for a drink. She paid for the drinks I know that was a no no but she remember things I talked about from our first meeting and we talked about family and life. I also talked with her about sexual intercourse and she answered my question. After the drink we walked to her apartment and she said we should hang out again and I am confused and have sent her an email and a couple texts. I am giving her space because she works a lot and does not like obsessive people. I told her I will wait but I'm not sure if she wants me as a lover a friend or if she is moving away from me because I am being ignored by her and I do not like being ignored but I think she's doing it for her own personal reasons. Somebody please give some insight , observations, intuitive thought or helpful advice about my situation with her. Please and thanks.

while she left the country I totally forgot about her until she emailed me about meeting again.


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  • if you sent her an email and a couple of texts... How long of a span of time are we talking here? that doesn't sound like giving space. Honestly I would not even bother at this point, the ball was in her court a long time ago. I would focus more on the things you have going... You should have been meeting more people anyways

    • A span of three weeks

    • Make it a rule that you follow the 50/50 completely. You start one conversation (this includes attempts that don't happen). If they do not start the next conversation (or make an attempt) you just leave it alone and walk away. This isn't how life works, and it's not THE answer. Some people will EARN a 70/30, or 60/40 investment on your part. But you have to have people earn your investments and time. make yourself the prize don't give it to them for no reason