I kissed a guy! I need help now!

I kissed a guy that I hadn't seen in a while like we had started dating, but nothing actually happened, then we went to a party, and we started dancing, and everything was perfect, and I turned around and we kissed, EVERYTHING, was perfect, he was my first kiss, but now I have this huge problem, my big brother knows, and he hates this guy I kissed. They guy I kissed is now scared of fighting with my brother, he said he liked me really much, and constantly told me, he wanted to kiss me after the party. But now, he doesn't even talk to me. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?

The guy I kissed, kissed another girl the same night he kissed me which I didn't know about, and he tells me that he was drunk and all, and it was barely a kiss, just a peck.


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  • Tell your brother to mind his own business.


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  • tell your brother to back off although he only cares about you and means well, but as for that kid... be weary, bros will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want

  • Tell your bro to get off your case.

    But remember he's trying to protect you.

    • I know! that's what I told him, but I mean the guy I kissed, what's supposedly going to ask me out, that's what his friends told me, but now he doesn't even talk to me I don't know what to do!? and I can't take him off my mind!

    • Either get him off your mind or get your bro to give him his blessing.

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  • is there a specific reason of why your brother doesn't like him?

    and well...i think..that he should just give you his opinion..

    but let you decide who you want...to be with..

    • Ok so the truth is the guy I kissed is kind of a player. Its like in every party, every weekend, he kisses a girl, but it hadn't been a long time since he kissed someone when he kissed me. So, I was okay with the fact of kissing him, but like the he started talking to his friends, and like showing off that he kissed me, and like he said like wow the way that she kisses is delicious, and how he kissed a girl the same night he kissed me which I didn't know about:S. So, my brother got really mad.

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    • Thanks! I?m trying to get over him, it has just been 3 days seens I saw the guy, I can't stop thinking about him! But I'm tyring! And Thankyou so much, I know I have to show pride and everything, but Its hard! I mean everybody knows in my school:S

    • Your welcome I hope things turn out good for you