Are guys put off or intimidated by a girl's past experiences?

I have a close friend who's seen me through a few guys AND girls. Not that I've dated a promiscuously (definitely don't sleep with everybody I date), but it's all been casual and he's coming from a non-experienced background (been with one girl). We're growing closer and our mutual attraction is growing but I'm wondering if him knowing my history will keep him from wanting to pursue me - any thoughts?


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  • If he wants to be with you once, no. Marriage, it could. I wouldn't want a woman with tons of partners. Just don't bring any of your past up. He knows who you have dated so... If you start broadcasting your history and he wants a relationship it will cause troubles. If he asks, then you should be honest, but I would still avoid the details.


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  • If your just a fling, he wouldn't put much thought into it.

  • No way, if he loves you he'll understand. No one's perfect.

  • Its a deal breaker for me if.

    1. Large number in short time period. I look for Quality over quantity.

    2. This List of people are still in contact with you.

    3. You hang out with this List still and through your past relationships.

    4. If we dated and you didn't like something sexual broke up and dated again and you just happened to like it now.

    5.Its just Waaaaay to big of a list. Its a bad sign of how you handle relationships.

    Men really don't like woman who jump from man to man. It really shows that your not independent and that their will always be another man around even before the breakup.


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