Why doesn't he want to hear about my dating life?

This guy dumped me two months ago (after six months of being together). He has made it clear that he doesn't have feelings for me and never will, but he wants to be friends. I am over him, but even though he insists he doesn't want me, he doesn't want to hear about my dating life either, even though it's not serious. Why would a guy who dumped you get upset about you dating other people?


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  • trust me, even guys don't get it


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  • I get where you're coming from girl - basically, if he's a friend, you should be able to tell him everything you would REGULARLY as a friend if it's fully platonic, and I totally agree.

    However, I do see his side. It's kind of awkward to hear about someone's new dating escapades after you were together for 1/2 a year. Plus...I'm wondering (and please understand I'm just asking this based on myself and what I've done in the past)...is maybe part of the fuel for telling him about your dating life is to see if you'll get a reaction out of him? Because if so, he might be able to tell and that would put him off to hearing about your dating life you know?

    Either way, whatever the reason he doesn't want to hear about it, I would suggest to respect his request as a friend and lay off talking so much about your dating life. How would you feel if the situation was switched?

    • It wasn't to make him jealous. it was because I was trying to move on with my life and be friends, but I just told him that I can't be friends because I've realized every time we talk or see each other, my old feelings are going to come up. he's also been really disrespectful toward me still, so there's just no way things are going to work out. but I think you're both right. thanks!

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