What is romance, anyway?

uhmm! clueless here :)


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  • Ah...such a simple question, but yet there is not one right answer because it's so complicated, lol. I think romance is something different to everyone...it's definitely what we make it and it can change from relationship to relationship because the combination of people is changing. It has it's ups (and boy are those up times intoxicating!) and it has its downs (where we feel like we can practically die)...but all in all, I'd rather have it, all the good and all the bad, than not having it at all :)

    • Now I even more confused on this subject 8^O

      thank You for trying :)

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  • Hey peacenic,

    Romance is when you are interested in another person and you pursue that interest by going on dates, which can lead to sex, intimacy -> a relationship.

    As such, romance is very exciting. It includes traditional notions like buying her flowers, but also can refer to simply listening to the other person or remembering something she said.

    People talk about the importance of keeping romance in a relationship. What this means is that ideally you should both feel that same excitement for each other as you did when you were first going out, obviously it won't be exactly the same and it won't be all the time, but there will be moments when you "spark" that old flame - such as, for example, on Valentine's Day.


    - Evan | Dating Advice -> link

  • Romance is doing things that make her happy without having to be asked to do them, because you want to, and for no other particular reason.

    That's my definition anyway.