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Why are old men wanna control me?

I've met 2 guys who are 44 years old and I had sex with them.

i thought they were just friend with benefits and it was ok for me too.
I didn’t ask them if they had another girl or not.
because it is not my business and I don’t think I should have ask them since they are not my boyfriend or I am not seeing with them.
but 2 of old guys asked me if I had boyfriend and keep looking if I had boyfriend.
and one of old men got airplane ticket to come visit to usa for him.
he never told me that he liked me or he loved me.
he also said he was testing me.
and I still don’t know why he wanted to test me and why he invited me.
he shows his areas and friends and best friend.
he said it was nothing to worry or care about.
and now he used to call me I’m queen and pretty cute beautiful and he had never seen pretty japanese like me.
i took as jokes but he kept telling me that I am cute before.
but now he said he likes skinny girl and called me I’m fat and crazy since I told him I had sex with other guy but I said I lied (actually I did but I was pissed off of his action)
and he said “here strippers are skinny as you saw. and there is so many skinny Japanese girls over there. You could be skinny”.
but he knows I am not skinny and I am thick (in an avarega way) and I thought he accept who I am since he had sex with me.

also he is kinda fat and having big beer belly. he can’t tell me what I should be and he don’t need to tell me if I was fat or not. Just leave me and go find skinny one is best way for him and it’s so easy find new one better than forcing change someone.

other old man was same as rude as him.

and they said they don’t want me as girlfriend.
but why they wanna control me?
i asked my mom and she said “if a guy mean or control you, they got jealous on you since you seems you don’t wanna be their girlfriend.”

what do you think?
Why are old men wanna control me?
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