Does the age difference matter?

OK so would anyone think its weird to have a girl dating a guy that's 2 years younger than her? does the age difference matter?


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  • You're not the first girl to date a guy two years younger than herself. You will not be the last. If you're 20 and he's 18, he's still a horny teenager thinking with his d***. While you're almost emotionally enlightened he' can't wait to get your panties down one more time. He loves you as his d*** yearns for more trip into your vagina. He can't separate love from sex. If you're 24 and he's 22, then he's just almost starting to realize his d*** actually can't think and the fog of f***ing is rising from his mind. Maybe, at best, only 10% of guys 18-24 can tell their d***s to shut up but that's rare. I think you've got the idea.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think it's weird. As long as you have a connection with a guy it shouldn't matter how old he is. Unless it's illegal but that's another topic.