I like a guy that has a girlfriend and he likes me also. Is that bad?

Well, I've known this guy for quiet sometime, we've hung out before. & his girlfriend & him recently broken up, & when we was hanging out we had sex. They've recently gotten back together cause she has a son & its not his but he's attached to it, cause he's been around him and dated her for three years. he's talking about breaking up with her for me, but he wants to be able to see the kid, & cause his g.f treats her like crap..is it wrong for me to do what I'm doing?


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  • It's not really wrong, you're just going with your feelings, but in the long run you might regret it.

    Although the child isn't his, it's still like breaking up a family, right? I bet the kid see's him as the dad and loves him.

    It's not just you though, that's what people forget.

    "Oh it's always women, they don't care about families anymore" Remember.. the guy is doing it too.

    If I was you though, I'd just do what I thought was best. I grew up without a father figure and I suffered from it.

    I'd leave him be if I was you.

    If him and his girlfriend are not happy then that's too bad.. They'll break up in their own time.

    Ask yourself, Why did he really get back with her? He got himself out of it once, he's just gotten straight back into it.. Why didn't he try to still see the baby the first time they broke up?

    My advice to you is to just walk away, carry on living and if they break up, (by their own submission) then take it slow with this guy. But this is baggage and confusion.. It's really up to you.

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