Is he playing with my head?

I'm really into this guy, who always says things like, I love you, I miss you, you're my girl, and how much he wants to be with me and hug me and snuggle me. Every time I'm with him we snuggle and kiss, act like we're dating, but he won't admit it to his friends and tells them we never hang out or talk. He says we don't have to do anything other then kiss until I'm ready, he acts so sweet and caring, but won't date me or admit it to his friends, is he just playing games?

I'm to shy to ask him how he really feels incase I get a response I don't want to hear D:


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's living 2 lives or lies...he's choosing his social image over you

    • If that's the case, maybe you should move on as you are only playing games with yourself rather than trying to figure out what's really going and assuming

    • You're probably right :/

What Girls Said 1

  • Have you asked him straight out why he will not date you but will kiss and snuggle with you in private? If he was really into you he would be proud to be with you and let everyone know!